BBI Night of Shock: 5 High Court Judges says BBI is Unconstitutional (BBI Judgment: Illegal, Null and Void)

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The 5 Judges of the High Court rules that BBI is Unconstitutional. Judges unanimously say that the BBI process is unconstitutional, null, and void. Kenyans are excited about the high court ruling today on BBI.

Court rules that a sitting President can’t initiate popular initiative constitutional amendments. BBI taskforce was a presidential taskforce and not the people’s initiative. Judges say that the BBI steering committee is an unconstitutional body.

The High Court has ruled that Mr. President Uhuru Kenyatta is PERSONALLY responsible for ALL public funds he wasted during the illegal BBI process!

5 High Court Judges Ruling BBI is Unconstitutional

How BBI Reggae died a natural death

The BBI Reggae has died a natural death following the High Court judgment on the BBI Bill. Below are the 10 unconstitutional actions that led to the fall of the BBI Bill.

  1. The president, government, or any state organ cannot initiate a popular initiative to amend the Constitution.
  2. The Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill, 2020 was initiated by the President.
  3. The BBi Steering Committee was an unconstitutional outfit.
  4. The BBI Steering Committee did not avail adequate copies of the Bill to the public.
  5. The attempt to distribute Constituencies in the BBI Bill is unconstitutional.
  6. IEBC was under obligation to make sure there’s proper public participation.
  7. Owing to how the BBI process was structured and conducted, there’s nothing legitimate that can come out of it.
  8. No evidence the BBI Steering Committee used public funds but the Auditor General can audit.
  9. The President overstretched his powers by proposing amendments outside his clear mandate.
  10. Amendments in the constitutional Bill should be subjected to a referendum and voted on separately.

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DP William Ruto Celebrates the Fall of BBI after High Court JudgEs say BBI is Unconstitutional

As seen on Twitter, Kenyans are very happy and expressing their happiness after the High Court Judges say BBI is not constitutional. The Deputy President of Kenya Dr. William Ruto was not left behind. He wrote on his Twitter Page as I quote “There is GOD in heaven who loves Kenya immeasurably. May GOD’S name be PRAISED forever.”

DP William Ruto’s tweet reacting to High Court ruling on BBI.

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