Mzee Abdul is not Diamond’s Biological father- Mzee Abdul breaks silence

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Mama Dangote unveils Diamond Platnumz’s biological Dad

The biggest news from Tanzania is that Mama Dangote has announced that Mzee Abdul is not her biological father Diamond Platnumz who is her foster father.

Speaking directly to Wasafi FM, Dangote’s mother said Diamond’s father was the late Salum Iddi Nyange.

Mama Dangote also revealed that Mzee Abdul found her pregnant.

This shocking news will come to an end, the tension that was that Abdul has been separated from his son Diamond.

Mzee Abdul Is Not Diamond’s Biological Father

Speaking to Bongo 5 station, Mzee Abdul says that after receiving the news, he should be commended but not apologized.

Mama Dangote has said that Diamond is not my child, the person has said that she is not my child and therefore not my child.

His father died again and was shown his father’s grave and he was told not to use my name baas, I think that is enough for today. “Said old Abdul.

Mzee Abdul Is Not Diamond’s Biological Father

He added,

I pray for (Diamond) a good life he will go to his father’s grave and cut off contact with me, I am not his old man and he should not use my name.

Mzee Abdul says that he feels as if he has dropped the burden as this has been bothering him for a long time while saying he deserves commendation but not sorry.

Mzee Abdul Is Not Diamond’s Biological Father

However, MZee Abdul had one request for Tanzanians;

“I beg the people not to take pictures of me again, that is, they see me carrying shoes is my job. I am currently in the business of selling Midundo.”

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